NOT saving users email address on edit (pencil)

Is there a way to avoid grabbing a users email upon edit submission (done button) if fields are not set to required (enabling the “done” button) and an edit was NOT actually made?

Using a form button will not work for this application as it’s a statewide crowdsource and need to avoid vlookup at all costs.

Would it be better to accept edits using a form button instead? I understand what your problem is, but currently, what happens if you make a valid edit, and then a couple minutes later I make another valid edit to the same record. I would think that I would be taking the credit away from you because now my email address in in the record. This is irregardless if it’s a valid edit or not. That’s why I think a form button would be better. From there, I don’t know if it would be better to use a series of vlookups to find and update data or use zapier or scripting to take the last form submission and update the existing record.

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That’s exactly where I’m stuck… may have to end up removing the gamification from edits and only apply it upon new listings, shared photos, and donations… I want to avoid vlookup on a statewide open source as much as possible!

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Wondering why this post and another we’re flagged as spam by the community?

hmm, not sure. I didn’t see anything wrong with your posts. Unless someone is fat fingering the flag button by accident, but seems odd that it happened in a couple of your posts.

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I edited them down :slight_smile: