Nonprofit Management Page

Hi, Gliders,

This page with its three modules (thus far) is what I’ve been dreaming about for over a decade. Never thought it was possible until I discovered Glide.

This app is not for the multi-million dollar budget museums and symphonies. It is for Friends of the Library, Little League Baseball, High School Booster Clubs, the rural County Historical Society–small volunteer run nonprofits that can’t afford 5-digit licenses of our industry’s well-known donor management software options. Not only are they expensive, but the learning curve to master them is costly in time and money.

Part of my marketing message is “when a spreadsheet isn’t enough, but a database is too much.”

I am grateful for any feedback you care to give. I’m proud to present Fluitt Nonprofit Solutions prototype Data Suite and its first three modules of Board Tracker, Grant Tracker, and Document Keeper.