Non-editable default date/time components

In the current version the date/time components are editable and there is no possibility that they are not.
The behavior of these components should be like that of the other basic components (i.e. editable only in edit mode) or add a check so that in non-edit mode it is not editable.

You are using editable Date components when you should be using the Basic Text component. Some people want the option to change values on a detail view instead of add/edit, so that’s why those components are available for you to use. If you don’t like how the date looks when using the Basic Text component, then you should create a new column in your sheet and use the following formula to convert it how you want it to look. That new column is what you would display in detail view.



Thanks Jeff
I use Date/Tine component because Basic Text component has a bug when you are using locale different than English (see Bad format special component current date/time)
Thanks for the fix but I think Glide has to find how resolve these problems with non-english date formats


Hopefully they will have a fix soon.


Glide displays whatever’s displayed in Google exactly how it’s displayed in Google without any modification.

If your dates are not displaying correctly, your issue is on the Google sheets end.

Fix your dates in the Google end and use The text component to display it instead of the date component.

This is not a glide issue no matter the locale.

One final workaround just in case I’m misunderstanding u.

You can go to a website that is generating your current local date as an image and use an image url And display date as image.

Other than that your best bet is to concatenate and build the date yourself and display it using text component.

Not, Glide Basic text component does not work correctly with non english format date.

See the pictures I show in this message: (see Bad format special component current date/time)

That’s why you should create a new column and use a formula to reformat the incoming date from glide into the format you want. Use the old date column to get a date from Glide, then use the new column when displaying the date in detail view. This is the only option until glide changes how dates are stored.

Given other similar topics and solutions offered marking this topic archived.