No parameters attached to 'click' events in Google Analytics

I’m not sure if this is a bug or a ‘feature’, but whereas events sent to Google Analytics like ‘page_view’ and ‘scroll’ all have parameters attached with information like the page name, and % scrolled - the ‘click’ event has nothing at all, not even the app_id

There’s no indication of which page the event happened on or what was clicked. It seems fairly useless without, so I’m hoping it’s a bug?

Ideally we’d want to be able to track outbound link clicks on certain pages with this.


@James_Crowley There are unfortunately a bunch of different dimensions to this.

What style of Google Analytics view are you using? Web, or App + Web? For a while, we were recommending folks use the App + Web view, but we noticed that Google is constantly “improving” it, so important information in the Real-Time view is constantly being removed and there’s no way to customize it.

Have you tried making any custom reports to see if you can’t get more context out of the event? We explicitly set the Page Title according to the screen you are on to work around Google Analytics loss of customization, but if even that has disappeared we’ll likely need to rethink the feature entirely.

This was using App + Web, although as far as I can tell, there’s no context out of the event anywhere I could find (whereas other event types I could)