No internet - submit order "order" issue

I am trying Glideapp to create a “Log” while on the road.
I saw that if you have no internet connection, and you submit forms, those values are stored locally (probably in the browser cache) and as soon as the connection is back, those are sent to google sheet…


  • those values sent are not in order of the submission which completely messes up the log, as values of new entries are dependent of the former entry.
  • the submission order is random (couldn’t find a way to solve this via google script or any other way)

Any help here?

(description of an example: (button for submission)

  1. button “arrived at location” (stores just a value and +timestamp)
  2. button “finished with service” (stores notes+timestamp)
  3. moved to next location (+timestamp)
    …-> now if we want to calculate in google sheet, how much time is used for the service (and even be able to charge this, the order of submission is crucial)

What I would do is make sure you include date/time with your entries. In your google sheet, I would then create another sheet tab and use a query to build your list with an ORDER BY to sort by date/time. You can use this helper sheet to display the information in glide if you don’t expect the user to make any further edits to the data. If it’s possible that they will make further edits to notes, times, etc, then I would perform all of your calculations on the helper sheet, then add columns to the original sheet that use arrayformula’s and vlookups to pull back the calculated data form the helper sheet.

I do something very similar with the Memories tab in this app: . Position of rows is very important there too to handle the paging between images, so I have a MemoriesDetailsLookup sheet, which only uses unique, but in your case query would be better. In my case I use it to eliminate empty rows so I can figure out the prior and next image to display for the paging. Then I use vlookups to pull the calculated columns into the MemoriesDetails sheet. No scripting required.


thank you Jeff! I finally was able to do it with your help… much appreciated!