No action possible for Title item in list?

In a list you can add an action for clicked items, such as Dial Phone Number or Compose Email, but you can’t add an action to Title items.

That brings me to my next issue. My Contacts list (form) was auto populated, its got a Title with the customer name and address. I don’t want to show the address in the Title, this is each enough to just unselect the Details field, but when I do this, I now don’t see the Address field anyone in my List/Form.

Basically, if I don’t show the Address in the Title Details, I don’t see the Address on screen.

Sounds like you need to split the Title into two separate columns - one for the customer name, and one for the customer address. Depending on how the data is formatted, this might be achievable with a Split Text column, otherwise you may need to resort to a spreadsheet formula. If you can provide some sample data, we can probably offer some more specific advice.

Sorry, I posted a poorly composed description of my issue. I was in the process of sorting out a screenshot when I realised my mistake, I was using Text instead of Action Text.

I now have my address field with a clickable action.