Adding things to list

iv devised an app to help me at work, i cant solve the issue with adding things the only way i can is first add something through google sheets which then shows the add button and if i delete the list my search and add button disappear, can you please help?.
app is

Can you add a video of the bug in action, ideally using Loom? It would help us understand your problem better and give you a piece of advice on how to solve it.

Thanks for the video.

That is the current behaviour for a collection, when you don’t have any records.

My workaround for this is to use a “Title” component and add an “Add” action to it.

I show the “Title” component when there are no records in the table, and the collection when there is at least 1 record.

I agree that this can be improved, though, by leaving the collection’s title and its action on when there are no records.