Action text Data and Title

In the Action Text Data and Title boxes I don’t get the option to connect to sheet data (no drop down option or the 3 stacked ‘dots’). Are these only available if I upgrade? Same problem with Rich Text etc., only option is directly entered text not data from the sheet

I can’t reproduce it here. Can you show us some screenshots?

Here’s a shot of the Action Text item. You can see on the ‘General’ settings tab I only get the enter text option

You are in an Add screen. An Add screen is not connected to any specific row, so it doesn’t have a way to display specific data. I would suggest a regular Form button, which will allow you to display information from the parent row. But you will have to change your prior screen from a list style layout to a details style layout with an inline list and a form button. The details style layout will allow the screen to attach to a specific row, and that row’s values can be passed into the form. The form screen will allow you to add a row, just like the add screen.


Thanks, that makes sense. I’ll do as you recommend.

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