Copy "entry field" in "action text"

Hi, we often use both “Display” and Edit" screens.

To save time while building these screens, it would be great if after building the “Edit” screen we may copy all fields and have an option to paste them in “Display mode” (ex. action text, rich text, etc)


Hey @AyS_0908

Have you tried Data tab > drag and drop?



Hey @Lucas_Pires, thank you. Yes, it’s clearly useful, even if it still requires a one-by-one manual action: since I am very lazy :-), the “copy edit fields → transform & paste them into display fields” would be a great nice-to-have (clearly not a priority)

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Ook. I like to copy all in Edit screen to add in a Add screen, for instance. But ok, it makes sense what you need.

Maybe as in sheets, an option like paste special / paste only value could also help