Phone/SMS not active in Contact Action

Hi. Anybody got an idea why the SMS/Call action can’t be selected in my Contact Action Row? It works in other places but not on this screen for some reason. Thanks for the guidance!

Do you have those actions pointing to the correct columns?

Can you try the app on a phone to see if it’s the fact that the computer cannot make phone calls or send SMS?

I don’t see where to direct the columns the contact action row is looking at. I’m assuming it’s looking at the row where the email address is coming from (since it finds the email address without issue).

It does not work on the phone either. I have the Contact Action Row in another screen and it works normally on both computer and phone.

Can you show the configuration for your actions? Which columns are they pointing to?


There it is! That solved it! Thank you for the visual guidance! I knew I was missing something but couldn’t for the life of me figure out what. It was pointing to the Subject column.

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