Action writes the top name instead of selected name

Have created an action from an inline list. The columns are writing correctly except the name column, which writes the same name no matter which one is selected.




Pics show the path the app follows from the home screen. Feel I’m close to success here but the name is the missing piece of the puzzle.

Should I instead offer the student name as a drop down within the form? So the app would skip the student inline list screen?

Can you show us what settings are you having for the actions?

Is the action above placed on this screen? When you click a name on here it should add a row?

Before that, do you have any actions for the previous 2 screens (the first 2 screenshots).

The action placed on that name list is:


That leads to the specific form screen with the grades etc from my first post. Yes, the previous two screens have actions, the first is ‘View Details’ and shows an inline list via relation. The second screen’s action is ‘Link to Screen’, and shows the students of that year, via a relation. The students are those listed in the screen above.

Are your link to screens pointing to a Sheet? If that’s the case it will always default to the first row.

Fixed by adding the If Then Else to the second screen that references the year group. Works now, cheers.

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