Actions Not Pulling Data

Hello everyone! I am a student worker at my university, and we have been creating an attendance sheet through Glide for our Professional Development Day, which will be Jan 12th. So far, our homepage has our four session times and our keynote time. When you click each session, it shows you each session option you have for that time and their location. When selecting an option here, it should bring us to a page with a checklist of every person who has marked on our google form that they want to attend that session. This works perfectly fine for about half of our topics. With the other half, it either shows a different set of names, the names of all of our attendees, or it doesn’t show us any names at all. We spent a few hours on this, and we have checked to make sure spelling lines up, that our actions are correct, and other nit-pickey things, but we have not found a solution yet. If anyone could help, we would appreciate it!

Here is a screenshot of 2 of our actions within session 3. The first action doesn’t work, but the second action does.


According to what I read, we have 5 days to fix this right? :rofl:

Didn’t you put an extra space in the end of first condition?
I mean:
Instead of “… More Productive Life “
shouldn’t it be “… More Productive Life” ??

You have a space “ “ after word Life.

I hope it helps!



A suggestion:

  • Add another column to the related table, and call it “Section Number” (or whatever)
  • Populate that column with increasing numbers, beginning at 1
  • Now change your action conditions:
    – If Section Number equals 1, then blah
    – If Section Number equals 2, then blah blah
    – etc

Something like that would be a lot less fragile/error prone.


Thank you, sadly fixing that error has not helped. There are other actions that we have fixed the spelling on that also don’t work. I have gone through again today with fresh eyes to triple check, though.

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Sorry if I misread this. We do have multiple sheets within our spreadsheet file- our first sheet is just the information pulled from the forum, the second is the list of session numbers and times, then there is a sheet for each session time that has the options if that makes any sense.

I think what @Darren_Murphy was trying to suggest is to give your rows something simpler that you can use in your actions. Use something simple, like a number, instead of a full title that may be prone to spelling errors.

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