Newly Created Tables Disappear

Occasionally, in Pages I will create a new table, only to have it disappear from the app and never reappear. Sometimes it will happen after I’ve created it and move to a different table. Other times, it happens as I’m adding columns. Just Poof. Gone.

Anyone else had this happen?

Hi @BLA_68

Sorry to hear you are having this issue. Is it possible for to make a video using and send us a support link?

Sure. Next time I experience it (because it happens randomly) I will do so.


Yes, I’ve seen this - both in Pages and in Apps.
I’ve never reported it because it’s basically impossible to catch the behaviour and record it.
I can’t “make” it happen, and I can never predict when it will happen.

Sometimes - but not always - if you navigate out of the project and open it again you’ll find the table has returned.

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