New Template: Student Reading Log

:wave: Hey all!

Just wanted to share with you my latest template: Student Reading Log.

It’s a simple, clean app that lets teachers manage and monitor the reading logs of their students. Features include:

  • Default, randomized avatars that students can edit
  • Reading Logs by Class Period or by All Students
  • New Reading Log Indicator next to students’ names
  • Mark Reading logs as Reviewed
  • Comment thread available for each log entry
  • My Books section to track your progress and stats on all books that you’ve read/are reading
  • Separate Student and Teacher Views

Here are some pics:

And the Promo Video:


Robert, I congratulate you on the freshness of your ideas. You inspire :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Can you give me a little behind the scenes on the button and the random avatar?

Up til now, I have connected the avatar to the “Name” column so each person is ‘assigned’ an avatar by their name.

What column are you connecting the avatar to?

I think the random avatar trick is here.

Not exactly, In his video … the user can click a button and get a random avatar. They can click it as many times as they want and it is random again.

In my app, the avatar is connected to the spelling of their name. I wanted to know how he did the magic avatar changing button!

Just my thoughts, but probably you can achieve it by an increment action that points to a value column in the profiles sheet.

If you have a list of random avatars with corresponding values, you can have a relation - lookup so that each time the user presses that button, it will generate a new one.

The explanation:


Exactly what I did @ThinhDinh :point_up:t4:

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Edit. Don’t use a user specific column. Use a regular number column.

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