Mark as Read

Is there a way to add a button to a Glide app that allows users to indicate that they have read a particular page/information on the app?

The short answer is No, at least without a ton of work.

If you have login with email enabled, you may be able to cobble something together using forms and a separate sheet that has unique rows for each user and page of information with a flag to indicate it was marked as read. So if you had 10 users and 10 page/information pages, this sheet would have 100 rows. A lot more complicated than you would think.

As an alternative, if you had a limited number of those pages you could create that number of columns in your “Users” sheet and have the users click a checkbox next to each columns info, saying they read that specific page. Either way it would not be automatic and would require the user to check or select some kind of entry component.

I started working on something like this. Take a look at the Tasks demo in . The intention was to use a form like @George_B indicated above. My example is a little different though. I am attempting to have only one list of tasks and one list of users. That way, I do not have the exponential number of rows by duplicating the same tasks for each user. The basic concept works great and gives me a list of users who have completed the task in column for each task row. Ideally I would like to create a filter that can check if the current user email is contained in the list of users who have completed the task. Unfortunately that is not an option. The alternative is to use the new Lookup with Multiple column the get the list of emails that have completed the task and use it with Per User Data, which should work great, but if the user would also need to see a list of tasks that they did not complete, I’m not sure how to filter that yet. I’m hoping some new features for glide will come out soon that would let me complete the Tasks demo. Maybe this will give you some ideas.