New Table Element design and additional Filters?

Looks like a new design for the Table Collection component is on the way.

Appears to allow alternating row colour, additional filters and sorting controls, increases the 3 column limit and more options for data types in columns!

This will be an amazing addition for business users. Hoping there’s the option for multiple filters!
Creating multiple tables and hiding with visibility based on choice component selections is a nightmare and this would solve it.


Hoping this ships soon!
More columns, multiple filters and a sort for the table collection component will help supercharge our apps!

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• In app multiple filters have now shipped.

Waiting On:
• In App Sorting for the Table component.
• More columns and column types for the Table component (hoping this ships soon :star_struck:)

Can only hope this improved and turbo charged table collection component is just around the corner :face_holding_back_tears:

Should be releasing soon. Featured in the end of year video.

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