New registration in a choise button? is it possible?

Hello, is it possible that if a subscriber does not find the option he needs in a choise button, something can be enabled to register the new data?
I have a way to do that, but how do I call it from the choice button if this is the way to do this?

Do you have some screenshots of how you’re setting it up? What constitutes a “subscriber” in your case?

With pleasure.
I am registering financial instruments, for this I must select the “Tipo (type)”. Let’s suppose that from the list of types that there is, the option that I need does not appear, so I need to register it. What I want to know is how from here I can open the screen where the new types of instruments can be registered.


You can add a form button (or a rich text component) that opens up a form to add a new type just under that choice component.

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Ok, thanks

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Let me know if it works as intended :wink: