Dynamic addition of choices

Is there any way to add a new choice when there is no right choice in the choice selection using choice button?

For example, there is entries of a, b, c in choices. However these choices do not necessarily cover all of the data and if a user want to enter d which is not in the choices at that time.
In this situation if there is a feature that allows the user can put “d” as a new choice and after the user the choices include a, b, c and d.

Does any one help how I can implement this?


It might not be the most intuitive UI, but you can add a form button that points to the table where you store choices and allow users to add a new choice through that form. This way, the choice will be available for the next forms.

Else, you can add a text entry on the same form to allow users to type out their choice manually. It won’t be available for the next forms.


おはようございます :wave: As @Darren_Murphy suggested, you could use a form button (either simple or bordered) just below your choice component. I think the UI is quite clean, see here:

Without annotations

(form button, simple display)

With annotations