New Glide Builder Bugs | Tracking Thread

Actually in my case also new users to the app have the same issue. I honestly did not test on users (like me) that were using the published app already; when I did it, I already removed the condition…

That would be the best of both worlds :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for now you can tell the tab would evict in the player when the icon goes away in the tab bar. At that point the player would simply select the first tab.


this is super problematic and not only for onboarding but also for all flows and makes it inpossible to design a process flow.

Alos, as mentioned below I see a bug where I can’t access any tab after moving it to the menu section and back

in many of my apps I only show one tab at a time based on visibilty and connection to the user’s info and now it’s virtually imp[ossible to design this process or track it.

@Mark @Jason possibly a tab visibility bug inside Glide Editor

New Layout

Old Layout


We’re thinking on a fix now. Obviously we need to improve this ASAP


Appreciate the response @Jason .

Are you referring to the way it works now or to the bug?
Because the bug is actually preventing me from working now as I can’t view any of the tabs I moved to the menu and back

Exactly what I said

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Oh ok, sorry. But, now it’s easy to see what happens

No brother , I was supporting your post not saying I said it first :rofl:
The guys said this is intended but didn’t really understood the purpose of it like that.

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:rofl: :rofl:

Do you mean the bug where it accidentally hides the tabs when you drag from menu to tabs section? You can unhide them by clicking the blinky eye thing. It wont hide them in the final version, just a small logic bug.

yes, that’s what I meant and now I see how to fix and it worked. thank you @Jason .

Will wait to the fix of the part of the editor showing all the tabs regarding to the visibility as both @Lucas_Pires and myself mentioned.

thanks again!

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@Jason FYI,
visiblity on ADD is not showing anything

BTW, it looks that the issue on tab visibility conditions is now solved on my side.

@jason - I was screen sharing the new builder with my team via Google Meet today, and when I was in the layout view the player kept flickering, and eventually it flipped upside down :scream:

It seemed to be a reaction to cursor movement across the screen - every time I moved my cursor across the layout it would either flicker or flip. It got that bad that eventually I switched back to the old builder, and then it stopped.

Unfortunately I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a video, but we have another call tomorrow, so if I can replicate it I’ll try and get a video.



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Haven’t been able to replicate that “player flipping” issue. Was probably specific to my browser. If/when it happens again I’ll try and capture it.

One quirk I have noticed with the new builder is that if you manually delete a table row, you are immediately thrown back to the layout view. See video :arrow_down:

@Jason hover inverted in dark mode