[New Feature] Private Invite Link

Hey, Glide community!

The team just released a feature to more easily share access to private projects. Let us know what you think!


Nice! This will be helpful! Is there a way we can regenerate the private link? Does the remove link and then create link create the SAME link or a different one?

This way if a “trusted” person were to give out the link accidentally, we can regenerate the link and prevent unauthorized access. Lots of platforms do this (Google Classroom, etc.).

When you remove a private invite link, the existing private invite link will no longer work.

In addition, when you create a new private invite link (i.e., remove a private invite link and generate a new private invite link), the previous private invite link will no longer work.


Perfect. This is is what I was hoping it would do.

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Awesome feature! :fire: Thanks for sharing