Custom Domain Question

I just created a custom domain.

Should the app link when I click on the Share button also automatically change?
It still shows the old glide link.

Is your custom domain displayed above the Glide link? The glide link stays but the QR code should direct to your custom domain and your custom domain should be listed above.

No, it still says configure a custom domain. Even though when I texted myself from the share button it sends the custom link. Maybe it needs time.

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Yes give it a little time. Should look like this:

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ohh ok! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Deena,
I also noticed I can’t remove the glide app link, will that still be valid as well?

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Yes, unfortunately. I was told no one will reach it unless you give them the url. Perhaps make it a string of characters vs your app name.


Got it. Thanks!