Need to do Action (on the Time + by Conditions in Glide)

Hi gliders!
I made and use reminder in Make to do some actions on the exact Time by Glide API & Make Timer. But when i need to do this from Make using Timer by Webhook, AND need Data & Conditions from Glide: for example, SET Columns only IF (Time is over AND Condition in Glide is true) - what can i do? Seems we can’t GET any data by Glide API.
My questions are:

  1. Is the API.GET.FromGlideTable feature on a way, and when we could expect this?
  2. What is the best workaround for the time?
    Thank you in advance!

It’s available, but only with Business & Enterprise subscriptions.

One workaround is to maintain the information you need in a Make Data Store. So when a record is created in Glide - that will later need some time-based action - send a webhook to Make with the information you need and keep that in a Data Store. You can then query the Data Store periodically in Make and send API updates to Glide when necessary.

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy

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