Time Triggered Events

Has anyone attempted to use the new compound actions with glide sheets to create time triggered events. An example of this would be if timestamp is greater than 24 hours then set column clear, or if timestamp is less than largest timestamp then event?

@Drearystate interesting :thinking: I might have a play with that concept, thanks

I don’t think it will actually work because all compound actions i think are triggered when clicked on.

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But you can make your if then else in glide sheets do some stuff based on time…

So let’s say you timestamp an event. With that action you add into the column next to it 30 minutes everytime. another column combines these 2 so you now have a future time. The if then else column states if this column (which is the column set to 30 minutes past its timestamp counterpart) is less than the current time, then do this…

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So we can make a math column in glide to prevent delay in information combining time and a decimal to represent the mnutes (0.03125 is 45 minutes of a day) so that gets us a little closer.

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Any idea how t implement a column that counts up depending on how many people are in it? In Glide only though.

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oh man this would solve my lack of “notification” in Glide. We could have the app send reminders each day over text!

I use integromat now for sending scheduled messages.

You need to use two scenarios, and the data store in between, as integromat only has a sleep function of 300 seconds (hence the trick).

  • the video I used to learn the trick :slight_smile:

You mean count the rows, and display the incremental number in a column? A rollup column will do that, set it to count the row IDs.

I did the timer as you described, it works well, thanks. Other than the “Now” counts up in 10 second increments, at least in the display in the Glide table. I checked with a stopwatch and the there seems to be about 4 seconds of processing time for the action.

I solved this problem by switching formats to a more capable solution.


Which one?