[Need Help] Duplicate app in admin fails

Hi Glide team,

I have difficulties duplicating an app from my admin console
It used to be “complex”, but I tried my best to make it lighter by:

  • removing all empty rows
  • deleting sheets that are not used
  • deleting sheets that are big (exported them and planning to reimport after in the new app sheet)

It now has (only) 17 sheets including:

  • 4 that only have header
  • all not exceeding 30 rows, with most sheets below 10 rows

However, admin console still fails to duplicate

Any tips on how I can make it work?

Appreciate the help

Have you bought a template and you’re trying to duplicate it?

Hi Lucas,
No, this is a free glide template I used as a base app a while ago
@Jeff_Hager advised that we could not share a forked app as template but not sure if that applies to self-duplication. Any thoughts?