Need expert feedback on the 25k max line celling

Please i need some expert feedback on that.
i am planning to build a set of tools for project management within one container in our case it is (Pages).

i really see the Pages are promising for my project but i am really confused about its data limits.

i am planning to have different Clients owns different projects, the inventory module can consume almost 20k row per Client, and Inspection module will consume from 25k to 50k row per project and so on for budgeting module and project specifications and drawing module.

Logically, the data for each owner MUST NOT expose to other Clients, so each client has his own data and also each project data will not be exposed to the same client’s project except for the top management. which they will require reports and overall.

Kindly advise on the best structure to accommodate that scenario of my next project to fit with Glide.

i may split the entire project tools to be a copy of the same (Pages or app) for every different client, but that will be a real headache to manage many apps of the same identical structure for each client.

i am using google sheets for the time being just to construct the base and functionality, but i may shift to Mysql platform when growing as planned.

is it easy to shift from glide based on google sheet to Glide based on Mysql ?
actually, it is many questions, sorry for that.

However, your advise will help me to procced and plan the overall structure.

i hope Experts find this :wave:

Hola de nuevo! :wink:

Your case is special and according to what I have read in your description, your APP can grow very fast. If your data will become in a historical database over time (no interaction/changes and only queries to find out values), maybe creating something like an API can be useful for you.
Take a look at this thread to understand my idea and possible solution (depending on case of course)


Am using appscript and workarounds to retrieve history

i defiantly will read that article, thanks dud :wink:

Kindly could you share you methodology with us.
Thank you

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