Navigate to Edit Screen of Linked Record after form submission


I have a form wherein a new record is created in main table and using OnSubmit Actions, another record in another table is created which is linked to the main table.

What I want is, after form is submitted, I want to show Edit screen of this linked record so that user can quickly add few other details to this linked record (please note that linked record I am talking about is “multiple relations” column)

Is this even possible?

Max I could do is, navigate to New Screen and showing collection (linked record) and upon clicking on record, Edit screen will be visible.

You can add User Specific Date Column to tardet table and write current date-time to it directly from form.
In place where you openning form, you need to rollup latest date fron us date-time row. And make single relation from latest date to us date-time in the target.
On submit - just open edit screen by this relation

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Sounds interesting. Thank you. I will try and check.

Don’t forget to wait condition to be met before opening the edit screen by relation

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Thanks. This worked perfectly.

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