Button to open a specific record in edit form


How can I create a “Modify” button in a record page?
The action would be to open the edit form for that record.


There’s an option on the right of your screen where you can enable edit. It has changed a little with the new layout, but still on the right side

Hi Pablo,

I know that possibility, but that small edit button it’s not really visible for our users.
I’d like to place a proper button, in the main screen area.
Can it be done?


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Yes, it can be done. The general approach is:

  • Assume you are starting with a details view of the item you want to edit
  • Add button to that view, label it as “Edit”
  • The action associated with that button should be Link to Screen → This Item
  • In the next screen, build your edit form by adding the input components that you need
  • Add a Save button, and associate that with an action that does Set Columns on the current record
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Sorry, I misunderstood!

Cool, thanks!

Is there also a way to open the edit form for another entity?
For example, if I have this entities:

  • task
  • evaluation
  • task_evaluations (a many to many link table between task and evaluation)
    can I put an “Edit evaluation” button in the Task screen and open the Evaluation edit screen for the id_evaluation found in task_evaluations?


No problem!
I appreciate the help!


I can’t think of a way to do that off the top of my head, no. (doesn’t mean it isn’t possible - I’d need to experiment a bit)

I got it.
You can bring the evaluation relation on task and then put the action Link to Screen → Evalation relation for “Edit” button.

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