Change the default "Edit Form" layout OR ensure all edit actions open in custom form

Hello! I have a custom form for adding records to my app; looks beautiful with dropdowns, the whole nine yards. Is there any way to change the “Edit Form” which is a default form when editing a record, to make it match/use my custom form layout?

OR can I force the Edit action to open in my custom form to edit? Probably not, though, since that would actually create a new record.

Would you mind showing me a screen shot of your Custom Form in the builder?

Is there some thing you used in your custom form that isn’t replicable when in an editing form?

If that’s the case, you would still be able to do it, by using an “Edit” action that:

  • Set the current value of the row to the row in the table where you constructed the original custom form.

  • Setup a “flag” column so you know whether the signed-in user is Adding or Editing. This can be a value you set when user clicks the “Add” or “Edit” button.

  • Configure components accordingly.

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Yeah, thats the way to do it.
The reason I asked for a screenshot was to first confirm that it really was a custom form… the way the question was presented made me a little skeptical :slight_smile:

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