My Items in a column has disappeared?

Somehow, I have made my items of my text column disappear. I have checked my data editor and sheets and the items are present. However when I use a Text feature, it will not show up. I check my visibility and I do not have anything there. What could I be doing wrong? Please help!

  • Are you using Row Owners?
  • Visibility filters can be applied at both the individual component level, and the layout level. Have you checked both?
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No I do not have Row owners. I have check both. No visibility features present

I think my rows are jumbled up somehow. When I preview as one email, a respective column is not aligned. It appears as if it disappeared because some of the items of this respective column are blank.

I added, removed, and added a row ID to help fix the problem. That didn’t help. Do you think that contributed to the jumbling of my rows. Any advice?

You may have already tried this, but I sometimes find that when things get messed up like this, just the process of navigating out of the app builder (back to the Glide dashboard) and back again sorts things out.

I don’t think adding/removing RowID’s would cause a problem like this - at least I’ve not seen it before.

A couple of screen shots depicting what it looks like in the data editor, as well as your component configuration might help visualise your problem a bit better.

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