"Row owner" mishap

I was experimenting with “Row owner” and encountered something that I think is a bug.

I started out with a table of 5 rows. Then I added a column with heading “row owner”, I made the column “row owner”. I filled out the column with two email addresses for simulation.

This table was used in an inline list. So I switch to the layout view to see the list. The inline list entries have disappeared. I then switched back to the data editor to delete the “row owner” column to see if the inline list entries would reappear. As soon as I deleted the “row owner” column, all 5 rows of the table disappeared. I was stunned but guessed the rows were not physically deleted but were just hidden. But I could not see any option to get them back, even by changing the “Viewing as…” drop list.

So I thought the rows were gone forever. I then re-added the 5 rows back to the table. Next I added an email column and made it “row owner”. The column is still empty. Then all of a sudden the old rows popped back, so now the table had 10 rows.

Next I deleted the 5 new rows, then deleted the empty “row owner” column. All the 5 rows disappear again. Add a “row owner” column and they would reappeared.

If the developer wants to take a look at the app it is avaiable. I thought of making a duplicate but I am not sure if the problem is in the tables or the app.

I think at that point if you refresh the builder they will come back, that has been the behaviour for a long time.

Oh really? Now I am wondering if it has to do with the “Team members” setup.

I think not, it’s simply a visual bug in the data editor.