Glide data columns are invisible in data editor

I had several variables with the same prefix name, for arguments sake, club_user1. There were 2 types, (1) @ variable ie type= email, an input data item (2) variable type = lookup (magnifying glass)
When renaming the Alpha numeric data columns ie type (1), they have disappeared in the data view. However, they are used in the app, and still appear when using the “where used” function on other columns. The app still works. So the data items are in the background somewhere, just not visible in the data editor!
The obvious solution is that they’ve been renamed and I’ve just not found them… its definitely not that. It appears that it may be a bug to do with having had data items with the same name but a different data type. HELP!

Check and make sure your search in top right of editor is empty. Having some text in the search could be one reason columns are hidden from view

ta for the quick reply. That’s not it. Definitely in “where used” but not in the “data editor”.
Also in the google sheet behind it!

If this is attached to a google sheet, sequentially numbering columns will automatically merge them into an array. Are you seeing an array in your data editor? They will still be accessible as individual columns, but also accessible as an array. If you want to keep them separate, then you will need a different meaning structure, or physically separate them in the google sheet.


Right, but if you search for club_user without a number, you will see the array called club_user. That array is a culmination of all columns that begin with club_user, and end with a number.

Switch the numbers to letters, or move the columns away from each other in the google sheet, and they will separate in Glide.

ah! is that the 3 horizontal lines? What’s thrown me, is that the data items did appear as separate columns before I renamed them. They were previously called Club_user1_test and Club_user2_test, so you’re saying they weren’t recognised as an array because they didnt end in a number?

It’s a feature because in the old days, there was no glide data editor and everything, including arrays, had to be defined in the google sheet with specific column heading naming conventions. There is also a few cases where you need sheet based arrays, such as assigning multiple Roles to a user, or multiple Row Owners to your data. Certain things that cannot be done with a normal computed column.


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thank you. I owe you a beer. Much gratitude.


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