My First App Template - Directors and Board Meetings App

Hello All,

I am happy that my first App Template is approved and is published in Template Store.

This template will help the relevant department of a Company to keep records of Directors and their meetings in systematic manner and can avoid keeping records in Excel or Google Sheet. Also, it will be very handy for Users (including Director) to see the records as and when they want.

This App has following features.

1. List of Directors
It shows the list of all Directors of the Company with their Photo, Contact Number, Email Id, Designation, Date of Appointment as Director.

Further, each Director’s screen shows

  1. All committees in which he is member
  2. All Meetings attended by him
  3. All meetings in which he was absent

2. Types of Committees
There is separate tab for types of Committee. After clicking on each committee, it will show

  1. Terms and conditions of committee
  2. Current Members (Directors) of this Committee
  3. Past Members (Directors) of this Committee
  4. All meetings held and to be held

3. All Meetings
This shows calendar of meetings of all committees held or to be held. These tab has Two buttons

  1. Add New Meeting - You can add record of new meeting.
  2. Record Attendance - Once meeting is added, you can record the attendance of members of the selected committee. This screen automatically shows names of only those Directors who are presently members of the selected committee

All above tabs can be viewed by All People (Admin, Directors, Person from other Departments)

Following are the Tabs which can be seen only by People who has Admin Rights.

4. Director Master
This screen helps Admin to Add/Remove/Change Directors’ details including their appointment, resignation date, personal details, membership in various committees etc.

5. Meeting Master
This screen helps Admin to modify details of Type of meetings and terms and conditions.

6. User Master
Admin can add or remove user alongwith various Rights (Roles).

4. Location Master
Admin can add, remove or change Locations for Meetings.

Please note that, as of now, this Template accommodates details of maximum 10 Directors and 4 types of committees.
I will keep improving the template as and when new features are released by Glide.

Whoever purchases the template, I will help them out setting up for first time as per their need as complementary add-on.

I thank @Manan_Mehta @Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh @Jeff_Hager for all their help/advice whenever needed for this App.

Please feel free to share your suggestions to improve the app / features.



Congratulations! @Pratik_Shah
I will go through it once and share my feedback.


Thanks. That would be helpful


:+1: :+1: :+1:!

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Yes, it was resolved after I wrote to them.
Thanks for all your help.

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