My filters have stopped working

I don’t know why, as it was working fine 2 days ago, but yesterday a few of my filters stopped working.

Specifically, it no longer is filtering out my swipe list. I put in “first name is Jake”, just to make sure and it is definitely not working (card is still there). HOWEVER, if I use a Swipe Condition with the same condition, it does stop swiping.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but the filtering has stopped working in a few different places.
It also has stopped in one of my inline lists. I can probably fix it by just making a separate column for the filter, but there’s definitely a bug here.

How do you intend for that filter to work? Can you tell us more about the logic you want to apply?

Basically, the swipe list is in card form as shown and after it’s swiped that means attendance has been taken, so that card should be filtered out (Current Attendance is Empty).

But the Card won’t leave the screen, even though it did a few days ago and I haven’t changed the app in any significant manner.

If you can reproduce the problem in a video (with Loom or, please submit a support ticket.

This will be fixed later today. Apologies.


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