My data isn't showing

My data not showing in Calendar don’t know were to start as been awhile since used it.

Can you show us some screenshots or a video of how you set it up? Thank you.

How is your calendar configured? Is it pointing to the correct columns that contain dates? Have any dates passed? Do you have any filters on your list? Need more information.

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Your screenshot is a little blurry, but is that a text column (Valet Type) for the start time in your calendar configuration? If so, that’s probably your problem. Text isn’t a date. If you don’t have a valid start date, then the calendar isn’t going to show anything.

I also see that you are running Windows. I recommend using the Windows Snipping Tool to take screenshots. Much easier to get screenshots, draw on them, and share in the forum compared to using a phone to take a picture of your screen.

Thank you
I knew it was something simple.

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Sorry I’m know getting duplicate inputs.

What does the underlying data look like?
Are there actually two rows with the same date/time in the table?


Is the problem that your calendar is showing two rows, which is correct by the way, based on the data in the table? Or is the issue that you have two rows to begin with? How are the rows added? Is it through a form? Did you add an On Submit action within the form, to add a row? Forms are already designed to add a row. Adding an On Submit action that does the same thing is redundant and will lead to two duplicate rows being written.

Think iv sorted that out know it doesn’t show an edit tad or delete

Iv sorted that out know its editing and delete plus in my filter it’s not showing valet type. I had this all working until I went back to work its baffled me. And my vide file is to big to send