My app is very slow. Need inputs from the community


My app: is very slow. My users are in semi-urban India, where internet speed is quite low.
I need a little help from the glide team and the community to optimise it. Following are the items which I think might contribute to it:

  1. I have a user onboarding flow with tab visibility (for every user)
  2. I have tab visibility basis a parameter defined for certain users. 2 such ‘visible to only few users’ tab exist
  3. I have personalised recommendations for which I use componenet visibility for home page. I have ~15 lists in total and 2-4 are visible to a user basis a parameter that user has set
  4. There are >20 lists on my home page, many are not even in use
  5. Images on home page are not optimised 100%

For some of the app users, the app crashes as well.
I basically want to prioritise these elements and solve the items 1 by 1 and need your help to evaluate which factor is really contributing to the slowness.
I would love to hear your suggestions on this. Thanks.

PS: If you think there might be any other reasons for the app to be slow, please let me know.

I think you can check if the images are too big and find a way to optimize, that’s one way you can control it. Not sure about how much Internet connection plays a part in here.

According to you, does tab visibility or component visibility play a big part in slowing down the app?

I don’t think so.

My app is very slow too. Very slow.

Can you specify what you have in your app, or potentially a link so we can test?