My app is not updating


My input on my google spreadsheet is not updating on my app. What should I be looking for?

Hi there @zimjuggernaut. Welcome to the community.

Have you read this FAQ? If you’re still having problems, perhaps you could provide a read only link to your sheet and a link to your app?

The other thing that would be useful is providing a video - you can use Loom

I got a page not found on that link, Jack.

Thanks for letting me know -

Glad to … and I really appreciate the forethought behind this platform and the responsiveness of support!

I’m curious which platform you use to provide this forum.
Is it in-house custom work or a third party?
I like the efficiency and clean-ness of it.

Might be nice to add a forum capability to the builder in addition to chat.
Would also like to see a chat room and/or user to user option vs. only at the whole app level, if possible.

I’ll add those to feature requests if not already there…

The forum runs on

You could always build your own forum with Glide. Would probably take some work, but I bet it’s possible.

As for chat, you can have “chat rooms” as long as you add a chat component on separate pages and assign the chat component to a unique value.

User to user chat is possible if you have a page that only those two users have access to.

Hi Jack. Does the update apply to free accounts? I have an app that has no storage left, updated the sheet - by editing the first row only, but the updates are not displayed.

Are you saying you’re changing the data in your spreadsheet and the app doesn’t update? Would you mind sharing your app?

Correct. Here is the app
Password is 123
See the new column URL at
It’d be listed in the first article displayed by the app

Thank you for your time

Did you add a component for that new column?

Like @Jeff_Hager said: you need to add a component for your new column:

Got it:) Thank you very much!

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