Mutli Users

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build an app to manage a stock.

I encounter the following issue :

Day 1 - User A : modifies the quantity in the app ==> Spread sheet modified too
Day 2 - User B : modifies the quantity in the app ==> Spread sheet modified too
Day 3 - User A : by reopening the APP, all the quantity are modified as he changes on Day1 !!!

How comes?



Is the column being modified selected as user-specific?


No, the data (quantity) is on the same solumn and modifiable by two different people.

Ok, but if the column is user-specific, each user see the respective value is modifying

Where do I see this configuration?

When you edit the column, as I showed here

What I’m trying to say is: you can’t have this option selected otherwise each user will only see the value they’re changing. It has to be a column without this option selected

Ok thanks, what I actualy need, is two users able to modify quantity in the same column and will modify my speadsheet… This is possible right?

Yes, that should work, as long as ‘Column is User-Specific’ is not selected for that column. We just want to be clear if that option is selected or not in your case because it can be a common cause for confusion.

Thank you for the clarification, how/where do I check that?

Like @Lucas_Pires showed, edit the column in the Glide Data Editor. When you view the column configuration you will see if it’s checked or not.

Also user specific columns usually have a blue icon when viewing the column in the data editor, so that’s also a good indicator.

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