Multiple views for multiple levels of users

Hi, Glide community! I hope my Topic makes some sense. I’ve been working with Glide for about two months; so far I’ve been enjoying it and my first deployment has been a great success for the users. But now the feature and special view requests are coming in.

I created an app to record staff COVID screening submissions at my small hospital, and one of the features is a tab for Management to see their department submissions on a daily basis. It works great, but I’m encountering some speed bumps with multi-dept management. (To be honest, I’m still struggling with Multiple Relations for dept > dept managers and I haven’t had my ‘aha!’ moment yet.)

Our Org has Staff, Supervisors, Dept Managers, and Administrators. Some departments are Staff > Sup > Mgr > Admin, some are Staff > Dept Manager > Admin. So some management will have one dept to view, while others could have up to 10 departments to view.

I shifted from ‘all staff in your departments’ to ‘your Direct Reports’ and I’m hearing about it already. The data is available in an embedded Google Sheet on our intranet (easily sorted and filtered), but that can’t compete with a quick-view tab on their mobile device (which is understandable).

The ‘ask’ I’m receiving is: some Management want to see all staff submissions for all their departments; some Management only want to see their Direct Reports’ submissions for all departments (esp Admin). Has anyone dealt with multiple levels of ‘management view’, and how have you worked that out? Is it possible to offer different levels of data thru buttons or Choice (“view all” vs “view Direct Reports”).

I’m happy to supply User Profile screenshots, DE screenshots etc. as needed. Thanks in advance!

Scott -

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I think this is the most straigtforward method you can do.

Have that choice written to a user-specific column, then have 2 inline lists with the correct filter and visibility conditions.