Filter by viewer level

Dear Glide Community,

I’m currently a little bit confused on how to setup glide in order to:


  • I have 2 tabs “list of employees” and “list of accounts”
  • I have 100 rows with 4 account manager tagged to each 25 rows
  • I plan to have 2 viewer level:
  • User = Only rows that tagged to them can be seen; 25 rows
  • Admins (I plan to add 1 column specifying who is the admin in “list of employees” tab) = can see all the 100 rows

Is there any way I can set it up 2 different view like this?

*sorry if this has been discussed in other thread, couldn’t find it at the moment though

If I understand this right, in the “List of employees”, you can have a “Type” column specifying whether they are a “User” or an “Admin”.

Make a relation matching the email in the “List of employees” to the “tagged email” column in the list of accounts. Have an inline list showing that relation, set visibility to “Type” is “User”.

In the same screen, have an inline list that will take all the rows from the list of accounts without any filter, set visibility to “Type” is “Admin”.

I hope it makes sense.