Can we have something in-between view details, and link screen

The idea is that we can still view a item from the screen itself. and still customize what we need without customizing all other areas globally. Independent screen would work perfectly for this case. however i am losing the set columns of the user. And cannot use the Rel/ME-IS-ME since i am in the Visic Menu and not in the user menu in the Inline list.

This is the results i want. And it can be done when i dont have my custom Visic Menu sheet. but what if i do want something custom in a inline?

Of course i made this work, but i find glide to have glitch when it comes to multi user text. Plus what happens if i want to add more Menu into this?

Now i added another menu

The user relations wont work since it will be grabbing everything from selected/user

What I normally do when I need multiple layouts/views of the same details screen is to have a button component on the screen that’s controlled by visibility conditions. That button is only shown to certain users, and it does a Link to Screen → This Item. This allows me to have as many different views of the same details screen as I need. It’s not an ideal solution, but it works.

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