Multiple user profiles

Hi, i’m wondering the various ways to have my users setup multiple profiles.

It is an subscription-based private music tuition setting where some of the key features include:

  1. Account holders (students, or parents) have a login
  2. Account holders can create a student profile holding account information unique to that profile
  3. Account holders can create multiple student profiles
  4. Student profiles can enrol to a Department and enrol onto a Subscription
  5. Account holders will manage the Subscriptions of each Student profile and pay invoices sent to the app
  6. Student profiles will also have multiple lessons, resources, logs, XP, inventories etc

The student profile is hopefully going to be the primary holder of unique information that relates to the main operations in the app such as subscriptions and also gamification elements. The Account holder is essentially the bill-payer (admin), which could be a parent of multiple kids, or a mature student studying multiple instruments (multiple Student profiles) - or even a parent of multiple kids who each study multiple instruments!

I’d say I have a pretty good grasp on relations, so I guess my query is about recommendations, case studies, suggestions on the best ways to achieve this.

For example, would it be a smart thing to have all relations based on Glide row IDs, then ensure that any data entry comes with the relevant IDs to match with the other tabs? Is it even possible to have the Account holders use the app according to which Student profile they choose to operate from?

All advice welcome!

I am aware that @Mark_Turrell implemented profile switching in one of his apps, so he might be able to give you a few pointers.

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Hi Adam, you’re essentially describing the Manager/Employee scenario that is given in the documentation for Relations. The answer is yes, and there is a video that walks you through it.

Glide relations

I’ve seen those videos already and understand the mechanics of relations quite well, but I don’t see any descriptions of the best practices surrounding ‘profile switching’ as @Darren_Murphy nicely puts it.