User Sign-up with multiple roles


I am currently building an app where i have multiple user types. I want each user to see content based on their role. I have built a database, setup screen UI and some other features.

I am stuck at the following:

  1. How do i allow a user sign up with 1 form, where the content in the app changes based on their role? (Example, if there are students and teachers as 2 roles, the student should see only list of teachers and teachers should only see list of students upon profile set-up. This is after the initial email ID signup.

  2. Booking System. I want to in-corporate a booking system for the student where the teacher is able to add their avaliability through their account and the student is able to book a class with the teacher through the date, time and other fields. The booking should be seen in teachers account.

I have seen multiple examples from glide experts and tutorials given from glide but unable to get my head around the conditions, visibility and initial form setup. I have considered zapier as a tool to integrate things but would like to get certain clarity.

Look forward to your help.

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Hi, as you mentioned, you’ve probably have to play with “visibility conditions”:

  1. Create 2 inline lists: Teachers | Students
  2. In “Teachers” inline list: set the condition visibility If Signed-in user IS role ‘Student’
  3. And vice versa for the “Students” inline list
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thanks for the reply.

So i am showing the list of students and teachers in 2 seperate tabs. In each tab, the style is ‘list’.

I have worked my way within the visiblity conditions many times and tried the 'if signed-in user role is student but for some reason it doesnt seem to work. I have a feeling it might be database that is not allowing it to show the relevant tabs?

The database is as follows: Posts, profile(students), profiles(teachers), book appointment, app logins.

When i sign in with email ID, the profile saves in profile(students) by default. Any chance i need to add anything else in the database?

You need to combine the two Profiles sheet into one, and have a “Role” columns to save the info whether the user is a student or a teacher.

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Thanks for the input. I have done that as well.

For this, i assume i will be setting tab visibility? And then in each of those tabs add visibility conditions? So, in the form, when the role is student, it should only show the teachers tab, with the students profile and the same applies the other way around?

Try this:

  • 1 G-Sheet with columns: name | role (student or teacher)
  • One Glide tab with 2 inline lists: one with filter “role” is teacher + condition visibility is user signed-in is “student”; and the other way round for the other inline list.

To help with some ideas, check out the Booking example in Might not be exactly what you are looking for, but should get you started.