Multiple sheets going to one screen

Hola! I have a sheet that provides data to my “home screen” as you would normally set up an app/sheet. However, I have another sheet (sheet 2) that is being used to do an aggregation (AVG) calculation that I want to display on the “home screen”. Specifically, I am calculating the average multiuser rating on “sheet 2”, the result of which I want to display on the Home screen. I seem to remember seeing something that illustrated this but I cannot find it, TIA!

So you can reference the result into your homescreen sheet into a new column
='Sheet2'!B2 for exemple if your result is in B2
And then use it into your homescreen construction.

Can you setup the calculation inside Glide using math/rollup?

Thanks @ThinhDinh and @Thibault_Milan. In this case that worked.

Ultimately it would be great to have containers in glide that let you reference other sheets per container.

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Well you can do it in certain way.
If you set a tab as a Detailed view and remove everything, then you can put a list, for exemple, which get the content from another sheet and use the data from the current sheet of the tab. It’s not working for everything but it can do a lot :smiley: