Multiple options in a cell

Hello everyone!
Perhaps you were dealing with a similar task, I really hope for your help)

I want to create a column that writes the sequence for the filter. How to enter data into a google table in such a way that the values were islands?

I understand that you can create a sheet from which the sequence will be taken through the search. But in this case, I cannot assign this column to the “choice” collector

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I quickly gave an answer but I deleted it because reading your question again maybe I misunderstood it.
I didn’t understand how the data is typed in the google table column … manually?

Yes, the table will have a script to automatically insert values into the correct cell for every new row. The question is in what format to enter values so that they are islands (

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Then this is easy to fix and I got it right before :slight_smile:
Just enter the data separated by a character, for example a comma, then in the glide data editor create a new split column indicating that the separator character is the comma. By doing this you will get the isolated data in the new column.

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You are amazing!
This solves my problem, thanks)

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You’re welcome

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Look at what I am facing now - the column created inside the slide is not displayed in the list of what I can assign to “choise”
Column Name " New Column A"
List “User”

Did you do this?

And now that you have this column with isolated values, what exactly do you want to do with it? Use them as the source of a choice component?

Yes, I did it and I want to use it for choice

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If we don’t have a source sheet to feed the choice, we need at least a multiple relation. Can you create a new multiple relations column with this new column created towards the same elements that set up the choice?

I guess not, otherwise we weren’t here to argue. If the items already existed in another table then you didn’t even need to summarize them in your google sheets column (are you using apps script?).
There may be another way but it doesn’t occur to me now …I’ll do some tests and tell you.

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I read the recommendation and looked to see if I could make changes to the table. Unfortunately, you are right - I have values that are not tied to anything, they just are. They must be displayed in the filter and the selection data must be written to a new column for subsequent use of list filtering.

Perhaps there is a way that will solve the problem. Suppose I create a column in other list in google sheet, into which I enter filter parameters:

If I could mirror this list as islands in another sheet, that would be the solution. But the relationship requires mapping the list to the id of the sheet on which I want to create select islands (


Yes, if you can create the values ​​of all possible filters in a separate table, then you can create a multiple relation to them.
You can use the New Split Column as the basis of the relation to the table which contains all the filter values.

(Multiple relations can be defined as one-to-many, but also many-to-one)

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@david I have a problem. Columns created in glide are missing from the dropdown to assign to an item. You can assign only those columns that are created in the google table. Is there a workaround for this problem?

Looks like you are trying to assign a Lookup column as the source of a Choice component. It doesn’t work that way. You either have to choose the sheet/table itself, or choose the same relation column that is the source of the Lookup column.

Unrelated, but also for future reference you can’t assign an array of multiple values to a component that can only hold a single value. There are a few exceptions, like the image component (which can handle single and multiple values), but generally a single non-array value can only be assigned to component that holds and displays a single value. In cases, like that, it’s important to check if you are using a multiple or single relation.

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