Multiple OpenAI Complete Chat Actions do not functioning correctly

Hello! I’m encountering an issue with an Action that involves 6 ‘Complete Chat’ actions. The first Action is designed to create content that subsequent actions will elaborate on.

However, I’m facing a challenge where the process halts at the 3-4 action. I’ve attempted various solutions, including switching models, adjusting the temperature, and incorporating a ‘Wait for Condition’ step between each action to allow sufficient loading time. Despite these efforts, the problem persists most of the time. Could this be a result of an internal issue related to making multiple API calls to OpenAI?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or insights on this matter.

Have you tried using AI columns in the data editor instead of in actions?

You could try chaining those AI columns together on a one row helper table

thanks, hope it works better

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There’s also the Glide AI columns instead of the Open AI ones… both consume updates but Glide AI is free and OpenAi charges.

I’m still facing the same problem, but now it’s even more difficult to control :confused:

An action-oriented solution would be preferable in my case.

Ok could you give me an example of the input and what you expect to see in the end?