Multiple logins keep registering as new users

I cannot figure out why multiple log ins, from different users, is creating new user rows. I have watched multiple videos and it doesn’t seem like I have to manually create some kind of filtering mechanism for this. What gives?

Do you have user profiles enabled? Did you ever pre-populate the user table before the users ever signed in? Is the app copied from an older version that already had user records? Do you ever get more than one duplicate? Do you have any actions set up anywhere that would generate a duplicate row?

Hi! It’s a brand new app, brand new tables. I pre populated about 7 fake user accounts with fake information and emails.

User profiles are enabled. I have pro account.

I have had a handful of people sign up with real accounts and every time they log in I will continue to get multiples of their use rows. I’ve had up 5 or 6 duplicates from log ins but I’ve just been deleting them for now so I only had 1 duplicate for each to show here. I have a sign up page that they only fill out once as a new user and then I have a profile page for once their account has been created. Not sure what I’m missing. Do I need to utilize login increments?

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@SantiagoPerez I thought this was fixed today, no?


Have you refreshed the browser with the builder open?

I have, and I’ve been actively working on the site today. I think it may have been unrelated to the bug and maybe I’ve just done something wrong? I’ve been noticing this issue for several days - right after I went pro - not just yesterday.

Can you submit a ticket?

Please include a video of it.

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I had this issue right after I went pro. What I had done is add a Row ID, and shifted all my relations to using the Row ID instead of the @Email. My thinking was if the user ever wanted to change their email I would allow them to. But after I started getting duplicates, I reverted my logic to using the @Email and removed the Row ID column. I’ve also since implemented Row Owners in the tables that need them.

So you should potentially look at that. That’s the one thing I see you have in common with what I was doing when I saw that behavior. No Row ID, no more issues.

Thanks, I’ll try deleting the row ID! As of right now, I have all my relations based off the email anyway so I don’t really need row ID and can easily try it! :crossed_fingers:

I also haven’t tried implementing row owners so I’ll make my email the owner too.

Just be sure no other user needs to see that row. I have implemented it on a table-by-table basis.

Oh I see, I didn’t realize it had that affect. I’ll double check that then! Perfect, thank you!

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