Creating an on-boarding experience


I’ve created an onboarding experience as part of my user login to make sure the user gets from the login screen to my app dashboard easily. It was working fine but now for some reason, the app keeps creating 2 instances of an account - one from the login screen and one from my “create an account screen”.

Before I was able to add/amend the account details using my “create an account” form once the user had logged in with an e-mail and a pin. I’m not sure what I did to break it.

My question is, how do I get my app to stop creating a new account when the user hits “creat an account” after logging in but instead add the information the user enters from my “create an account” form to the account that was created when the user signed in? It was working fine before, so not sure what has broken it.

Here’s what happens when a user logs in and then creates an account using the “create an account” form on my home tab.

I thought deleting the rowID would help but seems I was mistaken. Would appreciate some help solving this.

Sounds like you have user profiles enabled, which creates a row by default when a user signs in for the first time. It also sounds like you have a form that creates a new row on it’s own. If that is how you set it up, then two rows would be the expected result. Not sure why you didn’t run into it sooner. I would recommend changing your flow to filter to the newly automatically created row (or use row owners) and then update the existing row instead of creating a new row. If you are using a form or add row action, then it is going to create a second row after the row created by the user profile function.

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Yes, it’s strange. I currently have row owners enabled. How do I filter to the newly automatically created row to be updated instead of it creating a new row?

My form has “show form” as the action when the form button is clicked if that helps…

If you have row owners enabled, then there is no need for a filter. It should default the screen to the user’s row as that is the only row that will be downloaded to the user’s device. In that case you should not be using a form because a form will always create a new row. You should instead enable editing for that row, or use entry components on the details screen, or create a link to screen ‘this item’ button to stay on the same row and add entry components on that new screen.

I think I didn’t run into the problem sooner because I was using the “view as…” feature to “sign-in” so it showed the screen as a user would see once logged in without adding the e-mail to the data. Now that I’m testing it by actually signing in I’m seeing the issue.

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Thanks Jeff!

Had to re-think the flow of my onboarding as you said and managed to get it working now.

Do you know why the text entry components doesn’t have a “default value” option when editing a form but it does when creating a new entry? I would have been able to maintain my previous flow if I had the ability to put a defualt value in my entry text component when editing a form.

Probably just a scenario that was never considered. Are you using Edit mode, or entry components on a Details View screen? Depending how how you have it set up now, you could probably incorporate a custom action that fills in default values, if they are empty, before navigating to a screen.

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