Multiple entries using add to cart

Is it normal behavior to add a new row for each item that’s purchased by a user?

I’m using a Zapier integration to alert a user of their purchase, but it’s sending several emails if they’ve added several things to an order.

Wondering if I’m doing this wrong of is this is expected behavior.

That’s the way the add to cart flow works, I think the best bet is to have a query formula in another sheet to group same orders to the same row (using the unique processing link), then use Zapier on that sheet (not sure the recalculation of query would affect Zapier or not, so please beware).

Interesting… I’m not familiar with that. What might something like that look like?
I’m thinking that new sheet would need to go look for any new entries every time new records we added.

Here are some tutorials for you regarding query.

However, as I said, beware of the recalculation, which can resends for all rows and I would advise you to take some tests with dummy data first.

All depend on your shopping cart: Do you use the Glide one or your own one?

It’s all through glide.

Ufff… you are doomed! :grinning:

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HA! Is there another option to use via glide?