Duplicating data on a form response based on a value entered


I am an absolute novice at Google sheets and even more so at this. I have been creating a form for a small events business we are starting. Within the form it asks ‘Number of tickets’ required. If the response is more than one then I’d like to be able to do the following:

  1. Based on the number of tickets selected am option to select ‘use same data for all tickets’.
  2. If the customer wants the tickets emailed to different people then an option to complete the fields for multiple recipients.
  3. If the user selects 5 tickets then I would like 5 rows to be entered into Sheets. This is important as each row is then used for a mail merge we have created.

I have attached a screen shot to show the data. What I am asking is that as I selected ‘three tickets’ can three entries be added to google sheets and not just one? Is it possible to keep all of the other data the same in the columns if the customer wants all three to be sent to the same email or can the user have the option to add the names/email of the other customers but keep the same image for all three.

I hope what I have written makes sense. I know i may have asked in a long winded way, sorry!!

For that you need to create a custom action and create the conditions with the amount of Add Row actions.

If this is keeps until 5, you can easily create, but if the number of tickets could be any number, this way is not so scalable to do it, you know?

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Thank you for your reply. Can you explain how I would do this? I currently have the Number of Tickets as a choice (I have added a screenshot so you can see)

. How can I create an action to do this? I can’t see this as an option.

Thank you so much for helping. I really appreciate this.

How are you storing multiple recipients? Do they have many fields that have to be separated?

Hello ThinhDinh

Currently the data is stored in one row and each item has its own column. See the image below.

What I would like to do is if the customer selects 4 tickets, then each ticket is given its own row on my spreadsheet/glide table. So if 4 tickets are selected then four rows are added. I would then like the form to show the email entry four times so that they can enter different email addresses for the four tickets, or have an option to use one email address across all four tickets, without having to type it four times. Does that make sense?

Do you have an upper limit of tickets that can be bought?

I’m leaning towards a Make (formerly Integromat) solution here, but there might be a way to do it in Glide if you have a limit.

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Hello, thanks for answering. There will be a limit of 8 tickets per transaction. Do you know if I will be able to do this?

Using Make is probably the better solution but with a max of just 8 that’s pretty easy to handle in just Glide if you want to.

Here’s a video showing how I’d do it in glide, using an order form (one row added with each purchase) and a delivery form (one row added for each ticket as you requested, to be a Google Sheet.)

Use if-then-else columns to set the recipient of each ticket to be the purchaser by default, or another email if one is entered.

Use a glide custom action using either 8 if columns, OR one column with wait conditions between each add row, to break at the right number of tickets. In the later option my video got cut off but just set the wait time to something tiny like .01 seconds and set the failure message to something like “Purchase Complete!”


Matthew, this is absolutely amazing and thank you so much for spending the time to make this video and explain this to me. I am having trouble though when I try to do the action of ‘add row’. I cannot get the table to add a row. I don’t know if I am missing something. I have other data that I am using and so maybe it is because of this that it’s not working.

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