Multiple checkbox

Regards. I have another problem for example for a 20 floors building.
each floor is a row with different values.
but sometimes the data is repeated.
For that, let’s need create floor 1, floor 3, floor 7, floor 8 with the same information. so need 4row’s with the same information but a different floor.
It’s posible select checkbox maybe, some floors and create 1 row per checkbox, someone have idea o example please to resolve

You need to create inline list instead of check box list, and action when click on it will be to set column true if false, and false if true

I don’t understand it very well, would you have an example?

You want to create multiple check marks for different items?

yes, for example
the id’s 1,2,5,6 have the same information only difference is PISO

you wanna check it manually or by formula?
from your description is hard to figure what you are trying to achieve

I need to add 1 row or several rows sometimes with repeated information, and only change the FLOOR,

you can add only 1 row at the time in Glide,
to add more than 1 row you would have to use google scripts with trigger

If I create an action to add 1 row if my checklist is true, could I add several at the same time?

first I add my values, and then select the FLOORS that will have the same values, is that possible in some way?

action will open only 1 row, you can write a script with a loop to open more rows

yes you can select more rows, but action will open only one row, only google script can open x number of rows and write deferent values to it

I see, so where can I add a script?

in google sheets click tools… than script editor

ok, how would you design? any other idea

there is no other way to open more than 1 row, you can think of other solutions… why do you need to open rows anyway??? you can just have a column that will say these rows are the same, and use filter formula to import them to the other sheet

It is for a building, each floor has departments with its characteristics. So when I create another floor the apartments are the same, it’s so as not to repeat the process several times

you cant just use copy and paste for that? or duplicate sheets?

I’ve tried but couldn’t copy everything.

this is the sheet, if you observe only the FLOOR changes

is this a glide table or google sheet based table?